You’re in the part of the US that migrants leave behind, and it’s the 4th grey Winter day this week. Outside, it’s cold, damp, and dreary. The birds are eagerly eating at your feeders, but since it’s too cold to open the windows, it’s dead silent inside. Then you press a button and a small speaker comes alive. Suddenly, your room is filled with the sounds of birds singing, and despite what the calendar says, it’s like Spring has arrived in your room! You, my friend, just had the ChirpSounds experience, and it feels awesome.

Unparalleled sound quality, rustic look, and wireless convenience - ChirpSounds TX1 Transmitter allows you to hear the sounds from your bird feeders with your windows closed! With its weather-proof housing, rechargeable battery that lasts a week of use, and its one-button simplicity, you have the freedom to enjoy the sounds from your bird feeder with superb sound quality regardless of the weather. Don't miss out, get it today!

Wayne Frick, Founder Chirpsounds™
Penllyn PA 19422

Because birds should be seen and heard!
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