You’re in the part of the US that migrants leave behind, and it’s the 4th grey Winter day this week. Outside, it’s cold, damp, and dreary. The birds are eagerly eating at your feeders, but since it’s too cold to open the windows, it’s dead silent inside. Then you press a button and a small speaker comes alive. Suddenly, your room is filled with the sounds of birds singing, and despite what the calendar says, it’s like Spring has arrived in your room! You, my friend, just had the ChirpSounds experience, and it feels awesome!

Uncompromising, Superior Sound Quality

If we had to pick one thing we're most proud of, it's this. We spent more than 15 years getting the sound perfect and got a patent, because we're birders too and know that accurate reproduction of sounds is important!

One Button Simplicity

We went to great pains to make the TX1 exceedingly easy to use. There's just one button that does everything, but most of the time you won't even need to use that. After a simple initial set up, you'll hang it outside and leave it on for a week. Volume control is handled by a speaker inside (sold separately, or BYO). Don't worry; If you can turn a radio on and off, you can operate this too!


The unit is designed to withstand heavy rain and snow.


The TX1 has a large capacity, internal rechargeable battery, giving it enough power to run 8 hours day for up to a week.

Better Science

CornellLab’s Merlin® app can identify birds by their vocalizations. Experience how much better it works when these sounds are amplified by our patented design!

Designed for Better Listening

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What People Are Saying:

Praise for ChirpSounds!

  • "It’s impossible to express the thanks that we feel about your work on chirp sounds. Ours is up and running today..and it’s just like being outside!! It doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you so much for what you’ve done and offered to the whole world. God bless every effort you’ve put forth and give you joy."

    Carolyn S

  • "Just wanted to let you know we are really enjoying our Chirpsounds setup.  It is like having nature right in our great room!  The sound is fantastic!"

    Deanna W

  • "I love it! Got my speaker yesterday and paired it w/o issue. Been telling all my birding friends about it so they can ask Santa for one!"

    Vaughn P

  • "I love when people will be visiting and they tell me I have a bird in the house!!!
    Take care and thank you for this amazing product!!!"

    Art M

  • "Saturday morning I heard more birds chirping than I have ever heard at this time of year. I‘m extremely anxious to hear spring’s dawn chorus again. Frankly, I thought the migrants had passed me by the last couple of years, clearly the monitor system I was using was just not picking up high enough frequencies. For the record, I think you nailed it for quality and performance right out of the gate!"

    Barbara C.

  • "We have more clarity and volume than ever. It is truly the best we have heard; it's like being right in the yard with the birds.!"

    John and Kim B.