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You’re in the part of the US that migrants leave behind, and it’s the 4th grey Winter day this week. Outside, it’s cold, damp, and dreary. The birds are eagerly eating at your feeders, but since it’s too cold to open the windows, it’s dead silent inside. Then you press a button and a small speaker comes alive. Suddenly, your room is filled with the sounds of birds singing, and despite what the calendar says, it’s like Spring has arrived in your room! You, my friend, just had the ChirpSounds experience, and it feels awesome!

Watching birds at your feeders in the cold of Winter – or the heat of Summer, or the pollen of Spring – is like watching TV with the sound turned off. ChirpSounds™ adds real time audio when you don’t want to open your windows. Rustic, rechargeable, wireless, and weatherproof, it amplifies and streams bird sounds (or other nature sounds) to a speaker inside your home, right through the closed windows! 

If and when you’re ready to have the ChirpSounds experience for yourself, buy one here. Only a couple of dozen units are left from the initial run, so act now!

ChirpSounds™ is patented!

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Wayne Frick, Founder

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Because birds should be seen and heard!

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