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Chirpsounds Mini (yet somehow still mighty) Speaker

Chirpsounds Mini (yet somehow still mighty) Speaker

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Most speakers have a range of about 30' with no obstructions and a good bit of luck. Not so with this speaker! Manufactured by top-notch Cambridge Soundworks with a powerful wireless radio and outstanding antenna design, this small, splash-proof speaker will connect with your TX1 transmitter up to 100 feet away! 

Weighing in at just under a half pound, it's the perfect size to sit on your window sill, yet cranks out more sound than expect from a 5W speaked. The internal rechargeable battery powers it for up to 10 hours, and a microUSB cable (included) charges the unit in conjunction with a USB wall charger (also available from ChirpSounds) similar to the one you use to charge your smartphone. You can also leave it plugged in for extended playing, or even pair it with your smartphone and take it with you for music on the go!

Note: This speaker ships from a separate warehouse and includes free shipping!

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